Noun Worksheets
What is it? Underline the Noun
What is it? – Person, Place or Thing Identify each of the 25 words as person, place or thing. Includes definition and examples as reference. Halloween - Person, Place or ThingIdentify each of the 25 words as person, place or thing using this Halloween theme!What is it? - Noun or Verb Read the sentence and determine whether the underlined word is a noun or a verb. Ex maples of noun and verb included. Underline the Noun in Column 1, 2 or 3 Select the noun from column 1, 2, or 3. Be careful some of words can be tricky! Underline the Noun and Identify as P, P or T Read the sentence and find the noun. Then write whether the noun is a person, place or thing Underline 2 Nouns in Each Sentence Read the sentence and underline the two nouns in each sentence Find 3 Nouns - Identify Common or Proper Underline three nouns in each sentence. Write C if the noun is a common noun. Write P if it is a proper noun