Social Studies
13 Colonies Wordsearch puzzles, name the colony capital, and more! 50 States Color the neighboring state, state/abbreviation match, you do the research, and more! Bill of Rights We are currently adding new worksheets to this section. Please check back soon. Elections Students learn about the electoral college, electoral votes, timeline to the white house, and more! Flags Color the flag, flag facts, flag etiquette, and more! Government 3 branches power match, what do they do, true or false, and more! Great Lakes Coloring fun, reading comprehension, and more! Maps USA map with Alaska and Hawaii Native America Reading Comprehension, Native American Region Outlines, States within a Region, and more! Presidents Timelines, wordsearch, reading comprehension, you do the research, and more! Wonders of the World Gateway Arch, Grand Canyon, Mt. Rushmore, Niagara Falls, Washington Monument, and more!